Survivor STORY

Max Rosenbluth, later Rose, was born in Dynof, Poland, before the family moved to Pzymysl. When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, the town happened to fall on the dividing line, and the family’s home ended up on the Russian side. Max was able to practice his profession, dentistry, until 1941, when Hitler disregarded the pact he had made with Stalin and pushed his armies eastward. After the Nazis stormed through the area, Max, his wife, Genia, and their daughter, Tamara (Tommie) were forced to move from one restricted area to another.

As the situation became more threatening, Max made a deal with their former maid, an impoverished young Catholic Polish woman: if she would save his daughter, he would give her everything he had, which was a considerable amount. Max had managed to save gold bullion, which he gave to Danusic, the young woman, who then smuggled Tommie out of the ghetto and out to the country, where they lived with her family. Max had been able to buy a forged birth certificate on the black market, and Tommie was presented as Danusic’s illegitimate child, a common enough situation not to raise any eyebrows.

Max was deported to Auschwitz and Genia to a labor camp, from which they were liberated near the end of the war. Just after Max arrived back in Pzymysl, he was conscripted into the Russian Army as a medic and was wounded.

After the family was reunited, they fled to Germany and were housed in the Bad Gastein Displaced Persons camp. From there, they were allowed to emigrate to the United States in 1947 and came to Atlanta, where Max’s brother Charles Rose had made a home before the war. Max was not able to return to his profession as a dentist, but was able eventually to own and operate a dental laboratory. Max passed away in 1969.

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