Survivor STORY

Leo (Luzer) Neuhaus was born in Leczyca, Poland, near Lodz. He was forced to move into the Lodz ghetto after the war broke out. Leo was deported to the Posen labor camp, and then to Lissow, where he was a slave worker building the Autobahn. In 1943, Leo was imprisoned in Auschwitz-Birkenau. He was later sent to a factory to build electronics and then to Yavozhna at the end of 1943, and forced to work in a coal mine. Leo was beaten at work and his shoulder was broken.

In January 1945, the prisoners were forced on a death march, but Leo found the opportunity to escape, and he ran away into the forest, where he hid until liberation.

After the war, Leo and his wife, Bella, emigrated to the United States, and Leo found a job selling textiles with his cousin. He moved to Baltimore in 1951, and later came to Atlanta, where he owned a grocery. Leo passed away in 1986.

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Leo Neuhaus