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Nathan Bromberg was born in Lodz, Poland, where his father owned a print shop. When the Nazis overran Poland, Nathan and his brother, Abraham, joined the throngs of young people who fled east to the Soviet Union. He spent the war years in the gulag (labor camp) Komi. He was able to get out of the camp and made his way to Tschu, in Kazakhstan. Abraham died of typhus while in the U.S.S.R. Nathan's younger brother, David, died of starvation in the Lodz Ghetto and his parents, Simcha and Chaja, were murdered at the Majdanek death camp. Nathan stayed in Tschu until May 1946, then made his way to Germany with the hope of emigrating. Nathan moved to Atlanta with his wife, Bela Falek Bromberg in 1951. In Atlanta, Nathan worked in a print shop, later bought a grocery store, and spent the remaining twenty years of his working life as the owner of an office supply and printing business. Nathan passed away in 2000.

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Nathan Bromberg