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Leah Rubinsztain Lederman was born in Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland.

Written by Leah’s son, Michael:

Leah survived incredible brutality to continue the Jewish tradition in the next generations. Leah and her family were sent to the Skarzyski-Kamienna ghetto. This ghetto was located about 70 miles north east of Warsaw. Her entire family was eventually gassed in Treblinka.

Leah was sent into a slave labor camp at the Hasag-Skarzysko bomb factory. Here, prisoners were beaten to death by the guards and kapos for their pure amusement. They would walk through the factory and beat the prisoners to death with iron clubs. The prisoners were worked for 15 hours a day. Leah had to endure meeting her quota of bombs or she would be beaten. This was very difficult, because of starvation, exhaustion, and the constant threats from the kapos. Thus, many people would drop the TNT and there were constant explosions in the factory.

In addition, the prisoners had to handle the Picric Acid and many of the prisoners' skin would turn yellow, which would inevitably lead to their deaths. At times, the factory was even bombed by Allied planes.

Leah survived all of this and was placed in a Displaced Person's camp in Germany. Here she met Jack Lederman and they were married in the camp. They had my brother. Barry. They eventually settled in Atlanta and had their second son, Michael, in 1952. Leah had survived the Aryan Riech and had not only produced a second generation, with the birth of her grandchild, Jessica, she had a third generation. Leah passed away in March of 2010. She has rejoined her husband of 65 years; they are buried together.

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Leah Rubinsztain Lederman