Survivor STORY

Written by Jack’s son, Michael Lederman:

My father, Jack Lederman (originally Yankel, or Yakov), always maintained his spiritual resistance throughout the war. When war broke out in Poland in 1939, he escaped into Russia; however, he was subsequently arrested for selling bread on the black market and thrown into a Russian prison. While in prison, he dealt with many hardships such as starvation, beatings and dysentery. He had become so ill that he was close to death, so he was released because the Russians didn't want him to die in their prisons.

Jack also avoided the deadly killing squads of the Einsatzguppen. These mobile killing units were swarming through the Soviet union, killing every Jew in sight.

After the war, Jack was sent to a displaced person's camp in Germany. At this camp he met and married Leah Rubensztain. They had my brother, Barry, in the camp. It took five years for my father's deadly dysentery to finally heal, and the family headed for Ellis Island. They later settled in Atlanta and I was born in 1952. My father's greatest joy was the birth of his granddaughter, Jessica. He not only had survived the Aryan Reich, but now there was a third generation. He kept the love of his faith until he passed on in 2005 and is now buried with his wife Leah, who died in March of 2010.

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Jack Lederman