Survivor STORY

Rachel Klein Engelman was born in Rozalea Maramures, Romania. As one of seven children and the daughter of a rabbi, she was raised in a traditional Hasadic home.

Towards the beginning of the war, Rachel was sent to live with an aunt in Budapest. When the situation there worsened, her aunt bribed a Nazi to hide them for a short time. However, they were rounded up in 1944 and taken to be deported to Auschwitz. While waiting to be deported, Rachel simply left the line of Jews and wandered around town pretending to be Christian. At nightfall, she went to a friend who owned a lumberyard. He saved her by hiding her in his factory for the remainder of the war.

After the war, Rachel met her husband, Simon. Together they immigrated to Palestine to join her surviving brother and sister. Later Simon and Rachel moved to the United States to join Rachel's other surviving sister. Simon and Rachel made their home in Atlanta. where they established Engelman's Bakery, now owned and operated by their son, Sammy. They also have two daughters, Miriam and Ayala.

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Rachel Klein Engelman