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Bernard Gross was born in the small village of Palonok in the Carpathian Mountains of Czechoslovakia, in an area later ceded to Hungary. The Gross family included six sons and a daughter. The family was deported to the Munkacs ghetto in the spring of 1944. A few weeks later, Bernard and his family were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where his parents and many extended family members perished. Bernard also survived several forced labor camps and was liberated by the Russian army. After the war, his brothers, Alex, Sam and Bill, found each other at Buchenwald and then went to Prague, where they soon they found brother Ben. They knew that their brother Philip was alive but trapped in the city of Munkacs, which was part of the region engulfed by the Soviet Union after the war. They found their sister, Rosalyn Gross Haber, when she got off a truck from Bergen-Belsen. Miraculously, all seven Gross siblings survived the war.

Bernard emigrated to Elwood City, Pennsylvania, and opened a tailor shop. In 1959 or so he joined his brothers in a pre-cut homes business in Youngstown, Ohio, then came to Atlanta with his wife, Ruth, where he eventually started his own construction business.

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Bernard Gross