Survivor STORY

Sarah (Gustl) Hirsch Shartar was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In December 1938, less than one month after Kristallnacht, when his father was arrested and sent to Buchenwald, Sarah’s mother sent her and her four siblings on a Kindertransport to Paris, France. The five older Hirsch children, who ranged in age from six to thirteen, survived in a French Jewish network of children’s homes (O.S.E.) that moved them clandestinely throughout France, keeping one step ahead of the advancing Nazi forces. Sarah’s older brothers, Asher and Jack escaped from Europe and arrived in New York in June, 1941. They soon made their way to Atlanta to be near a cousin of their mother, a rabbi in Rome, Georgia.

Three months later, Sarah, her brother, Ben, and sister, and Flora, traveled the same escape route and arrived in New York on September 2, 1941. The Hirsch siblings settled in Atlanta under the sponsorship of the Jewish Children’s Service, an organization under the umbrella of the Jewish Welfare Board. After the war, the Hirsch children found out that their parents and younger brother and sister had been murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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Sarah Hirsch Shartar