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Hilda Strauss Eichholz was born in Germany on April 5, 1912, and was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. She left Germany in 1938 to work in Switzerland. Her plans were to return to Germany. Due to the war she stayed eight more years in Switzerland as a governess.

In 1946 she left Switzerland to come to the United States. She arrived here by freighter in Galveston, Texas and took a train to New York City, where she had family. In New York she worked in a glove factory. She met and married Manfred Eichholz in 1947 and moved to Savannah, Georgia, where she raised her family. After her husband passed away, she was very involved in caring for children in the Savannah Jewish community. In 1999 she moved to Atlanta to be close to her children and grandchildren. In 1999 she realized one of her life long dreams to travel to Israel to her grand daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

She was a very active woman and loved to stay involved in life. In Savannah, she was an active member in the Agudath Achim Sisterhood and B.B. Jacob Sisterhood. She volunteered in many ways to help both sisterhoods. She was a lifelong member of Mizrachi Women. In Atlanta she attended Congregation Ariel, were she was known as "Oma" to the congregants. She passed away May 15, 2008.

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Hilda Strauss Eichholz