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Anna Globe was born in Ravensbruck, Germany. After the family's chocolate factory was "Aryanized," or taken over by non-Jews, her parents moved the family to Lemberg (Lvov), Poland. After the Nazi occupation of Poland, the family was confined to the Lvov ghetto. Anna, at age 15, was deported back to Ravensbruck and was imprisoned in the concentration camp there. She was liberated by the Russians in 1945. Anna's parents, two sisters and a brother were all killed during the Holocaust.

After liberation, Anna recuperated in a rehabilitation center in Lodz, Poland. There she met her future husband, Jonas Globe, and in 1947, the two were married. Although Anna wanted to emigrate to Israel, Jonas had a brother in the United States with whom he wanted to be reunited. The Globes made their way to the Leipheim displaced persons camp near Munich, where they waited for their quota numbers to come up. They moved to Italy after they heard that emigration quotas were being filled more quickly from Italy. After a year and a half, the Globes were finally allowed to embark for America.

Anna and Jonas made their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Jonas' brother was a physician. Anna was able to continue her education, and got her bachelors degree in foreign language education, focusing on German and Russian language studies as a teacher in the Tulsa public school system. She obtained her masters degree and did course work toward a Ph.D. at Middlebury College in Vermont. In Atlanta, Anna taught German and Russian at Emory University.

In 1990, Anna and Jonas lost a daughter to breast cancer. Jonas passed away in 1998.

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